Stanislas Victor Edouard Lépine [1835-1892] : Boats along the river, ca.1870s.


Stanislas Victor Edouard Lépine [1835-1892]
French Romantic landscape painter
Boats along the river, ca.1870s
Oil on canvas
15-3/4 x 21-3/4 inches
Excellent condition, antique frame.
Stanislas Victor Édouard Lépine was the pupil of Corot in Paris between 1860 and 1875. He made his debut at the Salon de Paris in 1859. The Impressionists recognised his talent and invited him to participate in their exhibition of 1874.

Lépine spent his life painting in the Valley of the Seine, from Paris to its estuary, and specialised in the paintings of river banks, showing their lively activity and poetry. If he learnt from his master his beautiful simplicity in the art of experiencing sincere emotions and knowing how to communicate them simply, he also looked closely at Jongkind and discovered how to depict the depth of the skies and the limpidity of the water. Lépine is one of those masters of French landscape in the 19th century who prepared the way for the Impressionists, and began to educate the eye of the public towards a more balanced vision of nature.

His works are in Museum and Galleries all over the world