Joseph Lomoff [1889-1956] : Figures at waters edge overlooking the Hudson River, 1935.


Joseph Lomoff [1889-1956]
Russian-American social realist painter
Figures at waters edge overlooking the Hudson River, 1935.
Oil on board
8 x 11 inches [unframed]
Signed at lower right: ‘J. Lomoff -‘.
Pencil marked on verso lower right indicates ’35’ for the year (seen using Photoshop to reveal hidden layers).

2023 Figures at waters edge overlooking the Hudson River

Original untouched condition.

Joseph Lomoff (1889-1956) loved the beach shores of New York and Long Island, often painting Jamaica Bay, Long Island, Hamilton Beach, Long Island and various points along the Hudson River.  Based on the mountains depicted in this sketch is is most likely along the Hudson River at sunset on the beach or river’s edge.  Many of Lomoff’s similar paintings, including one of his best Hamilton Beach was from the 2-3 years before and after 1934.

2023 ( David Smernoff, New Haven, CT & New York, NY ) ;
after 1935 ( [withheld], NJ ) ;
after 1935 Private collection of [unknown] ;
1935 Joseph Lomoff [1889-1956], the artist .

– [none known] ;

– [none known] ;

Joseph Lomoff (1893-1952) was a Russian-American painter known for his social realist works depicting laborers and industrial scenes.

Lomoff was born in 1893 in Sevastopol, Crimea. He studied art in Odessa before immigrating to New York City in 1915. For the first several years in New York, Lomoff worked as a doorman while living with the Slatkin family. In 1928, he married Anna Slatkin, who was two years his senior. The couple did not have any children.

During the Great Depression, Lomoff found work with the Works Progress Administration’s Federal Art Project. His painting style wavered between abstract cubism and social realism, drawing some criticism from art critics for lacking a distinctive style. Art critic Edward Alden Jewell offered both praise and critique, applauding Lomoff’s “delightfully imaginative” painting Hamilton Beach in 1937 but later commenting that his works “run a sort of gamut from this to that” in a 1944 review.

In his later career, Lomoff returned to his earlier futurist themes. However, he remains best known for his social realist paintings, which drew inspiration from socialist realism in Russia. His works portrayed laborers and industrial scenes in a heroic fashion. He found inspiration in the shorelines of Jamaica Bay and Long Island, as evidenced in paintings like Hamilton Beach and On Jamaica Bay.

Lomoff exhibited regularly with the Society of Independent Artists from the late 1920s through the early 1940s. His work is held in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum and other institutions. He died in 1952.