Irving Rosenzweig [1915-ca.1983] abstract still life : Beaded fruit, 1959.


Irving Rosenzweig [1915-ca.1983]
Beaded fruit, 1959
Oil on canvas board
20 x 24 inches
Signed and dated at lower left : ‘ROSENZWEIG / 59’.

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Irving Rosenzweig [1915-ca.1983]
Beaded fruit, 1959
Oil on canvas board
20 x 24 inches
Signed and dated at lower left : ‘ROSENZWEIG / 59′.

Marking type: Printed with maker of panel logo and information.
Location: Verso center.
Text: ’20 x 24 / [4 leaf clover silhouette] CLODERLEAF / CANVAS PANEL [contained within a border with a drop shadow] [4 leaf clover silhouette] / CLODER CORPORATION / 177 BROADWAY • NY 7 NY • Worth 2 • 0453’.

Marking type: Pencil hand writting vertically.
Location: Verso middle right.
Text: ‘Evelyn / 20 [crossed out] 15835’.

Marking type: Water, tape or former label stain.
Location: Verso upper middle and verso upper center.
Text: ‘[approximately 2 – 1 inch stains’.


Irving Rosenzweig (1915-ca.1983)

Irving Rosenzweig (1915-ca.1983) was an American figurative abstract painter known for his New York City themed paintings overlaid with strong color and pattern. Rosenweig was born in Brooklyn, NY, lived at 30 Oakfield Avenue, Freeport, NY (Long Island), and then moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL from around 1980 until his death in about 1983. He served in the United States army in 1942 as a warrant officer. The soft-spoken painter studied at the Pratt Institute, the Art Student’s League and in Florence, Paris and Barcelona. He has exhibited at the Whitney Museum in 1967, the National Academy of Design, the Jersey City Museum, Hofstra University, Brooklyn College and Oklahoma State University.

Rosenzweig’s cityscape / city life genre work used color and pattern to convey the feelings, mood and the tone of the people who he captured and his own feelings toward his subjects.

Rosenzweig is listed in Who Was Who in American Art, Falks, and in several annual Art in America guides.

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