Anton Ian Sipos [1938-after 2006] : Figures in a garden, ca.1970s.


Anton Sipos [1938-after 2006]
Yugoslavian / American
Figures in a garden, ca.1970s
Oil on canvas
30 x 40 inches
Custom framed to 35 x 45
Painting is in excellent condition.

Anton Ian Sipos (Born June 10, 1938 in Bosnia, Central Mountain Region of Yugoslavia – died [unknown, possibly California]) was a Yugoslavian artist born in 1938 in Bosnia’s central mountainous region, displayed a precocious talent for drawing from a young age, an interest that became a lifelong passion and a stabilizing force in his nomadic life. In his teenage years, Sipos left home to pursue a career in film animation. His earliest work, “Surrogate” (1961), garnered critical acclaim, winning an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Subject, a project he undertook under the tutelage of renowned Yugoslav animator Dushon VuKotic.

Despite his success in animation, Sipos’ true calling was painting. He eventually abandoned the repetitive nature of animation work to dedicate himself fully to en plein air painting, a decision that steered him towards Impressionism. This shift in focus was further solidified in 1964 when he fulfilled his dream of moving to Montmartre, Paris, to study at the esteemed École de Paris. During this period, Sipos’ work gained significant attention, with his paintings being exhibited in major European galleries and featured annually at prestigious events such as the Salon d’Artistes Français at the Grand Palais and the Salon d’Automne.

Sipos’ artistic journey took him across Europe, with extensive travels in Italy and numerous paintings capturing the essence of Provence, the Côte d’Azur, Giverny, and the Rouen Cathedrals. His works from this era, particularly his evocative street scenes of Paris and the River Seine, are highly celebrated.

In 1970, Sipos relocated to Los Angeles, where he continued to paint local scenes, including the San Diego Harbor, while maintaining his independence from market pressures. His classical training led to a collaboration with Eleanor Ettinger Studio in New York, where he worked on transposing Norman Rockwell’s original oils into lithographic plates. His major New York exhibition debut occurred in 1977 at the Jasper Gallery on 57th Street.

The final decade of Sipos’ career was marked by intense productivity and maturation in his artistry. He secluded himself in his West Los Angeles atelier, welcoming major art dealers and collectors. His palette during this period was characterized by vivid, bright colors, with a dominant use of yellows, oranges, reds, and blues. His subjects ranged widely, from the California Coast to portraits of his family and friends, showcasing a diverse and vibrant body of work. Sipos’ original paintings are highly sought after, and he is remembered as a master of his craft.