[unknown artist] : Narcissus and Echo with two dogs, ca.1720s.


[unknown artist]
[Italian school]
Echo and Narcissus with two dogs, ca.1720s
Oil on canvas
24 x 29-3/4 inches [unframed]
Writing appears along bottom edge but illegible.
Verso marked with number 2975.

2023 Narcissus and Echo with two dogs

Good condition.

Unfortunately, we could not work out who the artist was for this dramatic example of Narcissus and Echo.  It is extremely similar to Francois Lemoyne (1688-1737) and based on the characteristics, paint handling and more is likely from about 1720s.

Narcissus was a very handsome young man, but he was also very vain and had no interest in love or relationships. One day when he was hunting in the woods, he came across a pool of water and saw his own reflection. He became so enamored with his own image that he could not stop staring at it. Narcissus fell deeply in love with his own reflection and was unable to leave the pool, eventually wasting away by the water as he pined for his image.

Echo was a nymph who loved to talk and repeat the words of others. One day she saw the handsome Narcissus in the woods and immediately fell in love with him. She followed him through the woods, but was unable to speak to him first because of a curse that only allowed her to repeat what others had said. When Narcissus called out “Is anyone there?”, Echo could only repeat his words back to him. Narcissus spurned her affections, saying “Hands off! May I die before you enjoy my body.” Heartbroken, Echo’s body faded away, leaving only her voice to repeat the words of others.

2023 ( David Smernoff, New Haven, CT & New York, NY ) ;
after ca.1720s Private collection of [unknown] ;
ca.1720s [unknown artist], the artist .

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