Charles William MacCord [1852-1923] American Impressionist Painting “Bluster” circa 1908

Charles William MacCord [1852-1923] American Impressionist Painting “Bluster” circa 1908


Charles William MacCord [1852-1923]
American Impressionist
Bluster, ca.1908
Oil on board
8 x 10 inches
Signed at lower left.

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Charles William MacCord [1852-1923]
American Impressionist
Bluster, ca.1908
Oil on board
8 x 10 inches
Signed at lower left.

Period Frame.

Born and raised in Bridgeport, CT, Charles William MacCord was a businessman, poet, painter, and engraver.  Both Charles “Charley” and his sister, Mary Nicholena MacCord, were active Impressionist painters in the Connecticut and Massachusetts area.

Charles began in business working with his father, a well-known dry goods merchant, and his business partner, John C. Copeland, at Copeland and McCord (later bought out by Smith-Murray Co).  Charles loved writing and left the family business to pursue telegraph editing at the local newspaper, The Bridgeport Post.  He was known as a “real character” and even held as diverse a job as a carpet dealer in New York City’s Wall Street area.

In 1887, at the age of 35, Charles published a book of visually related poems entitled “Reminscent [sic], Impressions and Pallette [sic] Scraping”.  The book contained poems like “Landscape” (excerpt):

…”Warm tinted clouds illume the sky
Their edges tinged with opal fire; I stroll through tangled brake and brier
And see the distant streamlet vie
With em’lous tones the heavens to drown.
The herbage clad in richest brown
In sullen mood is trembling shy.”…

As painters, both Charles and his sister Mary were best known for their Impressionist ability to convey ephemeral weather and atmospheric effects within their paintings.  They used short brush strokes of paint to achieve a heightened light effect.  Mary was additionally skilled with her use of color.  Charles, unlike many of his well known collegues did not study painting in Europe and trained exclusively in the United States.  The MacCord’s painted landscape and some genre works.  Both artists signed their name “MacCord” which was different than their actual family name McCord.

The duo was very close, living together, and traveling to England, Ireland, France, Italy and along the New England coast including: Gloucester, Rockport, Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and Cape Ann.

Charles was a member of the Salmagundi Club, Lotus Club of New York, the National Academy of Design, the Seaside and Contemporary Clubs, Bridgeport, CT, and was a member of the Society of Independent Artists.  After his death in 1923, having suffered with sickness toward the end of his life, his sister set up a fund at the Salmagundi Club to aid “sick, needy and disabled artists” with a $10,000 endowment in 1955 as part of her will.

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