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American school : Modernist copper figurative sculpture, ca.1940.
American abstract expressionist painting : Overlapping squares, ca.1940.
American school : Modernist nude, ca.1940.American school : Modernist nude, ca.1940.
Louise Kamp [1867-1959] American Impressionist painter "Trees", ca.1940.Louise Kamp [1867-1959] American Impressionist painter "Trees", ca.1940.
Latin American School "Woman with Shawl" circa 1940Latin American School "Woman with Shawl" circa 1940
English School Impressionist Painting "Figures on the Beach", 1939English School Impressionist painting " Figures on the Beach" circa 1940
Manuel Barros [1907-1961] Spanish/Argentine Easy Boy, ca.1940 Oil on board 12 x 16 inches Signed at lower left.Manuel Barros [1907-1961] Spanish/Argentine artist "Memories" circa 1950