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[unattributed] American Modernist head, ca.1920s Oil on board 11 x 14 inches Signed at lower right (illegible).
American school : Modernist copper figurative sculpture, ca.1940.
[unattributed] American Modernist face, 1954 Oil on board ? x ? inches Signed : '54 / Picaso?'.
American School "Old shoes and books" 1881American School "Old shoes and books" 1881
American school , Impressionist study "Elegant Woman" ,ca.1880.
American School Aesthetic Movement "Still life with Plate and Bowl" circa 1890
American School Impressionist view " The Factory" circa 1890
American School "Objects on the Table" circa 1880's
American School still life "An Apple" circa 1870
American School Hudson River "Moonlight Landscape" 1860
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American School