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Charles Henry Turner [1848-1908] American painter study for "Boy on the bench", ca.1890.Charles Henry Turner [1848 - 1908] American painter study for "Boy on the Bench" circa 1890
Spanish Art Nouveau picture frame in wood and gesso, ca.1880Spanish Art Nouveau Wood andGesso Frame circa 1880
American School still life "An Apple" circa 1870
Telemaco Signorini (1835 - 1901) Italian painter "Lost in Thoughts" circa 1880's
American School "Buffalo Soldier" circa 1864
John Gadsby Chapman [1808-1890] American painter "Young Shepherd Boy" circa 1870
American School Impressionist painting "Mother and Child" circa 1880
Jules Alexandre Patrouillard DeGrave [1844-1932] French painter : All the children, ca.1875.
Unknown Artist ,American Tonalist School "Sunrise over the Lake" circa 1880
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