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Luigi M Bonpensiere (1885-?) New York artist Gothic ,Symbolist, Aesthetic movement set of three sculptured and painted panels, circa 1910
Felix Revello de Toro [1926-] Spanish Modernist Painter Table Top Still Life, 1962Felix Revello de Toro (1926-) Spanish modernist painter " Table Top still life" 1962
Henry Cannon [1862-1939] California Modernist Impressionist Painting Still life of Pomegranate, c.1920Henry Cannon (1862-1939) California modernist impressionist painting" Still life of Pomegranate" ,circa 1920
American School Aesthetic Movement Set of four Aesthetic Movement sculptures, c.1890-1900 Solid nickel silver (60% copper/20% nickel/20% zinc) 2-1/2 L x 2 W x 2-3/4 H inchesAmerican School Aesthetic Movement sculptures circa 1890-1900
Hector Garbati [1914-1989] Argentine Sculptor of "Young Native Warrior" circa 1930sHector Garbati [1914-1989] Argentine Sculptor Young Native Warrior, c.1930s Carved wood 18-1/2 H inches
Robert Van Sewell [1860-1924] American Art Nouveau Illustrator Sapientia, c.1890 Oil on canvas 43 x 21 inches
Camillo Innocenti [1871-1961] Italian Impressionist Outdoor Genre Painting "Playing with Child" Circa 1900Camillo Innocenti (1871-1961) Italian impressionist outdoor Genre painting " Playing with Child" circa 1900
African Belgian Congo carved Ivory Deco 12" vase circa 1930African Belgian Congo carved Ivory Deco 12" vase circa 1930
Enrique De Larranaga [1900-1956] Argentina Artist "Mascara" Dated 1955Enrique De Larranaga (1900-1956) Argentina artist "Mascara" dated 1955
Vienna Secessionist Pewter Mirror Frame circa 1890
Norman Stewart Edson [1879-1968] American Photographer "Silver Dawn (Moonlight) Mt Rainer" circa 1920Norman Stewart Edson (1879-1968) American photographer "Silver Dawn (Moonlight) Mt Rainer "circa 1920
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