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Spanish-American school : Card players, ca.1860.[unattributed, American school] : Card players, 1865.
English school Romantic landscape The leaning oak, 1883.English school Romantic landscape The leaning oak, 1883.
American School "Roam (Rome) in dreamland;wake up in grease(Greece) " ca.1860[unattributed] American school : Roam (Rome) in dreamland; wake up in grease (Greece), ca.1860.
American School Hudson River "Moonlight Landscape" 1860
American School "Buffalo Soldier" circa 1864
John Gadsby Chapman [1808-1890] American painter "Young Shepherd Boy" circa 1870
Leon-Victor Dupre [1816-1879] French Impressionist / Barbizon Painter Landscape with Mountain, c. 1860Leon-Victor Dupre (1816-1879) French impressionist Barbizon "Landscape with Mountain " circa 1860
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