About David

David Smernoff, trusted third-generation art dealer

David Smernoff is a trusted third-generation art dealer with more than forty-years industry experience.  Based in historic Hartford, Connecticut and Buenos Aires, Argentina, David has been following in his family’s tradition of buying and selling art and objects of historic and aesthetic importance to savvy collectors.

Build your complete vision

Whether buying art as an investment, fulfilling a decorative need or building an important collection, David offers his clients works by listed artists as well as quality unattributed pieces.  In his own words, “Collections begin with a few select stars surrounded by a rich cast of supporting characters…a complete vision. I offer a wide range of works to allow my clients one person they trust to help them build their entire collection.”

Style is subjective

“Everyone has a favorite style.  My own personal style comes out in what I offer, but I believe that it is all important, which is why I offer Old Masters to the most Modern of works.  I have helped traditional and contemporary clients realize their vision.”

Feel confident with someone you trust

David believes so strongly in what he does and in his clients, he offers an industry unheard of 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If a client does not like a work for any reason after purchasing, David will work with his client to make sure they are happy.  “Buying art can be scary, you don’t want to work with someone unwilling to stand behind what they do…how can you trust them after that?”

Expert advice is part of your service

When you work with David, he brings his years of experience to help you make the best collecting decisions.  “I am my client’s secret weapon.  I help them avoid making mistakes.  Collecting can be scary, especially if you are new to it or are not an expert. You may know exactly what you want but need a little help being sure you are making a smart decision.”

Sometimes you just want that person

David can be hired to build entire collections, fill homes with treasures, custom frame artworks, or even shop anywhere around the world with you.  “I have always been a straight-shooter.  I don’t get too intellectual about it.  My experience helps guide me and my clients benefit from that.”

Trade wins

David works closely with interior designers and architects offering trade discounts, free art consultation and pieces for final and speculative installs.  Designers who need works for designer show houses or speculative client final installs can work with David.  Pieces are offered free of charge.  Shipping charges can be negotiated and maybe paid back if any works are purchased.

Trusted by the industry

A large part of David’s business is working with fellow dealers.  He is trusted by the industry and is willing to trade and buy and sell works.  Call or email for specific questions.


David Smernoff
Hartford, CT
(203) 430-6634